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The Market

The appetite for oil and other energy sources is growing dramatically, with worldwide energy consumption projected to rise by about 45 percent by 2030.


In the industrialized world, people are driving their cars more each year and living in bigger houses that are equipped with an increasing array of energy-demanding appliances, computers and other conveniences. The growing demand is fueled by a burgeoning population that will increase 25 percent in the next 20 years, with most of that growth in countries with emerging economies, such as China and India.


Rising energy demand from economic output and improved standards of living will put added pressure on energy supplies. For example, in China alone, increasingly prosperous citizens are projected to purchase more than 100 million new vehicles before 2020.


The oil consuming nations and oil producing nations need sound energy policies that accommodate a wide array of political, economic and environmental concerns. No country is energy independent. We live in a world of energy interdependence.




Chairman of the Board:

H.R.H.  Prince Abdullah Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Al Saoud


Int’l Director / CEO: 

T. N. Zaytseva




Middle East Director:

–źdam Smith




Merger & Acquisitions:  Richard Brundle




African Development: 

Jean-Jacques Monnet




Oil & Exploration: 

Ramón Girardé ram@petroliumoilallianceinc.com

Petrolium Oil Alliance Inc


The majority of the world's oil resources are concentrated in just six countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Russian Federation and Canada. The world's ever-growing demand for energy poses complex challenges for consuming and producing nations alike.  Petrolium Oil Alliance’s economic and development strategies focus on initiatives that will increase and diversify our supplies — including the African Energy Market Exploration. 


Petrolium Oil Alliance Inc has bridged the previously disassociated sources to provide a comprehensive source and distribution channel as a supplier and reseller of oil and distillates.


Dubai U.A.E.

Paris, France

Hong Kong

Abuja Nigeria

Russian Fed.


Rotterdam NL

Geneve, Switzerland

Johannesburg RSA




Asian / Pacific Region:

Ping Lee Sohoo pslee@petroliumoilallianceinc.com


European Region: 

Heinrick Bokkes



Russian Federation:

Karen Lalayan



Mediterranean Region:

Louiza Ioannidou



Republic of South Africa:

Lloyd Rowland



Paris FR & Geneva CH: 

Patrick Koury



U.A.E./ Gulf Region 

Aref Ghazaleh



West Africa & Nigeria 

Hadijat Adebolade Ateb